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The 2023 Tucson diary offers a simple and sophisticated week to view page layout with accompanying ruled notes page on beautiful ivory coloured pages with crafted round corners for an elegant look. Tucson 2023 diaries feature a coordinating coloured closure band and pen loop and crafted features for a practical orgainsing companion for work, travelling or free time. The Tucson diary is completed with a high quality triangular wooden pencil accessory.

Diary (2022)Featured

The diary provides full astrological navigation for 2022 with an overview of the year, a birthchart template and guides to moon magic, houses, planets and symbols. Key transits, retrogrades and lunar phases, noted throughout the planner, allow you to organise your life in alignment with the astrological weather, visible at a glance. A global map showing sacred sites provides inspiration for transformative pilgrimages.

I used the same format diary last year and so much of my post The new year diary, 2021 still applies, except that this year I chose a navy blue one and the price has risen a bit, to about 12.00 I think.

In I945, a diary was found in the ashes of a destroyed crematorium in the liberated Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp. It was written by a 14-year-old Jewish girl named Rywka Lipszyc and documented her life in the Łódz Ghetto between October 1943 and April 1944.

There are no known photographs of Rywka. We do not know the color of her hair or eyes, the way she smiled or laughed. She exists for us only through the words in her diary. The Girl in the Diary is a tribute to the life of a child who will not be forgotten.

Marzia Mohammadi, left, and Hajar Mohammadi were best friends and cousins who died in a suicide bombing at a learning center in Kabul. Marzia's diary captures both the hopes and fears of young Afghan women, particularly Hazaras, under Taliban rule. Mohammadi Family hide caption

In an undated entry in her diary, 16-year-old Marzia Mohammadi drew up a list of all the things she wanted to do in her life. At the very top was her wish to meet the best-selling Turkish-British novelist Elif Shafak, followed by a visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and having pizza at an Italian restaurant.

Modaqeq shared with NPR some of the pages of Marzia's diary, where she meticulously details her aspirations, sets goals for herself, discusses the struggles she endures, and every once in a while, takes a moment to congratulate her achievements. Her notes provide a window into the lives and struggles of young Afghan girls, particularly Hazaras, living under the Taliban.

As the American troops tried to secure Kabul that night, Marzia and Hajar distracted themselves from the chaos around them by watching the American movie I Still Believe. Before going to bed that night, Marzia wrote in her diary, "An entire day wasted."

A page from Marzia's diary. She would set goals for herself and for Hajar, and both girls worked hard to achieve them. In this entry, Marzia writes: "No excuses, with or without electricity, I have to continue my studies. I have to prove to myself that I am stronger." Below that, in English: "Marzia can do it. I believe her from the bottom of my heart." Zaher Modaqeq hide caption

Marzia and Hajar scored 50 and 51 percent out of 100 respectively on the first practice test they took. In the diary entry that day, Marzia remarked that she was not happy with the score and she would aim to get 60 on the next week's mock test. She scored 61. On that day, she wrote, "Wow, Bravo Marzia!"