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Buy Chinchilla Pet

Chinchillas have only been kept as pets since relatively recently, and experts are still learning about how best to care for them. There's no single 'perfect' way to care for chinchillas, as long as you meet their needs.

buy chinchilla pet

We encourage you to search for a breeder or rescue. Pet stores may not care for the chinchilla correctly or may give bad advice; however, we feel any chinchilla deserves the right to a safe and healthy life, so if you see a chin in a retail or online store that needs a loving home, go for it.

Petco is a well-known retail pet store. They occasionally have chinchillas but only one to four at a given time. When they do get them, they usually go fast. Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300.

Exotic Wild Reserve has chinchillas that range anywhere from $250 to $500. All animals come with a certificate that complies with the Cities Permit System, and the animals are also microchipped. They ship via air and offer a 100% live arrival guarantee.

In most areas, you can buy a chinchilla at a local PetSmart, Petco, or other pet store. You can also adopt a chinchilla from a local breeder, from a chinchilla rescue, or the classified ads.

The good news is that the chinchillas sold at PetSmart or even Petco are young. They are not baby chinchillas. But they are certainly still capable of being socialized and can learn to enjoy being held.

Not to mention, a chinchilla from a breeder is going to get some fantastic care from the breeder who is likely more of an expert on chinchillas and how to properly care for them than any pet store employee.

It is also considered more likely to end up with a chinchilla that is predisposed to issues such as ringworm when adopting from a pet store, possibly due to shipping and the nature of the pet store business.

Welcome to Bobbie's Chinchillas! Here we strive to produce high quality chinchillas with great temperaments and health that will make great pets, and also many of them breeders or show chins. Our chinchillas are only produced from the highest quality animals from the best breeders across the US, Europe, Russia, and other areas across the world! We are located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, but travel quite often, making deliveries possible for your new chinchilla.

We have been breeding since 2004, with it all starting with just one pair. We quickly grew to love chinchillas, and it didn't take long to add more to our family. Now we have a much larger herd, but breed for all colors, specializing specifically in Blue Diamonds, Standards, Tans, Extreme Mosaics, and our newest additions - the new Polish Black Pearl color. Another new project of ours, but on a smaller-scale is working with the Royal Persian Angora, Curly/Locken, and Curlygora chinchillas.

All of our babies are handled from birth until the day they go to their new home to ensure they are very friendly and well-socialized. We currently have many babies and young chinchillas for sale, so please take a moment to check out our "