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[S2E5] Dust And Shadows

Whatever technique you use, there is often one common problem- You can process an image very well for the highlights or the shadows, but to do both at once can be frustrating. Therefore we prefer to combine multiple techniques by processing separate versions of a scene for the highlights and shadows, and then blending them together.

[S2E5] Dust and Shadows


We probably could have also gotten away with simply processing one single HDR frame, however it would have taken a lot of work to manage both the highlights and the shadows perfectly, because the sunset was just so saturated compared to the rest of the scene.

Once Mary had the machine going, she hooked Lyra up to it and told her to look at the screen as she tried to get a response. Lyra used the same mindset that she used with the alethiometer and the screen lit up with all kinds of fantastical light swirls. It was not as clear as Lyra believed it could be, so when she tried again, she pictured the alethiometer symbols. She asked what Mary would have to do to understand the language of the shadows? And the answer on the screen displayed clearly-depicted alethiometer symbols, which Lyra was able to read easily. The machine told her that Mary could alter the machine to use actual words, and that there are many ways to communicate with Shadows, like I Ching, a form of Chinese divination.

In the shadows of the city of Corinth, a great evil uses fear and violence to control the minds of the masses. Meanwhile, a prophet says the coming of Jesus is nigh, but are there truly divine forces at work or merely the manipulation of man?

The dust has settled in some forgotten part of the Soup where Queenie and Lucian awaken, a nearly forgotten dream rattling around in their heads. Can secrets from a stranger lead them to a place that can answer the questions that plague them? And will answers be any good? Can they be used to stop Saul and Paul from their inexorable march towards Armageddon?

The star of this season is hands down Naveen Kasturia in a never-seen-before avatar. He makes things interesting just by being there, and he seems to take sadistic pleasure in talking about murders. The actor has the best character arc, even with an interesting storyline that we have seen before, but the makers made it quite intriguing. Kasturia shines among all the stars and is indeed a great and surprising addition to this show, which at one point in time becomes dry as dust.

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