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How to Ace Your Medical Exams with Zero to Finals Flashcards PDF - Free Download

Zero to Finals Flashcards: A Review and Guide

If you are a medical student looking for a way to learn and revise the key facts and concepts for your exams, you might have heard of zero to finals flashcards. These are a set of illustrated, colourful and highly visual cards that help you test yourself on the most common topics tested in medical exams. They are based on the content of the zero to finals books, which are also a great resource for medical students.

zero to finals flashcards pdf free download

In this article, we will review the features and benefits of the zero to finals flashcards, and show you how you can access them online or offline. We will also give you some tips on how to use them effectively to boost your exam performance.

Physical Flashcards

The physical flashcards are printed on high-quality cardstock and come in a sturdy box. Each set contains 150 flashcards with over 1000 questions on the front, and the answers on the reverse. They also include helpful "Tom Tips" that provide extra information or mnemonics to help you remember the facts.

The physical flashcards have several advantages over digital ones. They are more tangible and engaging, and allow you to shuffle, sort and arrange them according to your preference. They also do not require any internet connection or device, so you can use them anywhere and anytime.

You can order the physical flashcards from Amazon UK or US, depending on your location. There are currently three sets available: medicine, surgery and paediatrics. You can also buy them as a bundle for a discounted price.

To use the physical flashcards effectively, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Review the topic in the book or website before using the flashcards.

  • Pick a set of cards that matches your topic.

  • Read the question on the front and try to answer it in your head.