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Functions Walter Matreyek Pdf 24

Functions Walter Matreyek PDF 24 - A Review of a Classic Textbook on Communicative English

Functions Walter Matreyek PDF 24 is the digital version of the first book in the Communicating in English series by Walter Matreyek, a renowned linguist and teacher. The book was first published in 1983 and has been widely used as a textbook for teaching and learning English as a foreign or second language. The book focuses on the functional aspects of language, such as how to express different communicative purposes, rather than on the grammatical rules or vocabulary. The book covers 24 functions, such as introducing oneself, asking for and giving information, making requests, expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, apologizing, and thanking. Each function is presented with examples and models of dialogues, exercises, and activities that help learners practice and improve their communicative skills.

The book is divided into four parts: Part A introduces the concept of functions and how they are related to notions (ideas or concepts) and situations (contexts or settings). Part B presents the 24 functions in detail, with explanations, examples, and exercises. Part C provides additional practice materials for each function, such as role plays, games, simulations, and problem-solving tasks. Part D offers suggestions for teachers on how to use the book effectively in the classroom, such as how to select and adapt the materials, how to organize and manage the activities, and how to evaluate the learners' progress.


Functions Walter Matreyek PDF 24 is a classic textbook that has stood the test of time. It is based on the communicative approach to language teaching and learning, which emphasizes the importance of using language for meaningful interaction and communication. The book is suitable for learners of different levels, from beginner to intermediate, as it provides a variety of materials that can be adapted to different needs and interests. The book is also useful for teachers who want to enrich their repertoire of techniques and resources for teaching communicative English. The book is available online for free download from [the Internet Archive], where you can also find other books by Walter Matreyek, such as Notions (the second book in the series) and Situations (the third book in the series).

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