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THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 APK: The Best Fighting Game of the 90s on Your Android Phone

How to Download and Play The King of Fighters '97 on Android

If you are a fan of classic fighting games, you might have heard of The King of Fighters '97, one of the most popular titles in the series. This game was originally released for arcade machines and later ported to various consoles, including the Neo Geo, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and more. But did you know that you can also play this game on your Android device? In this article, we will show you how to download and play The King of Fighters '97 on Android using an APK file. We will also give you some tips and tricks to help you enjoy this game to the fullest.

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What is The King of Fighters '97?

The King of Fighters '97 is a 2D fighting game developed by SNK Corporation and released in 1997. It is the fourth installment in the King of Fighters series, which features characters from various SNK franchises, such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, and more. The game has a total of 35 playable characters, including some hidden ones that can be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.

Why should you play The King of Fighters '97 on Android?

The King of Fighters '97 is considered by many fans as one of the best games in the series, thanks to its improved graphics, gameplay, and story. The game has two different modes: Extra and Advanced, which offer different ways to play and customize your team. The game also has a unique Affinity System, which allows you to see the interactions between your team members before each match. The game also has multiple endings depending on which team you choose and how you perform in the final battle against Orochi, the main antagonist.

Playing The King of Fighters '97 on Android has many advantages over playing it on other platforms. For one thing, you can enjoy this game anytime and anywhere, without needing any additional hardware or accessories. You can also adjust the settings according to your preferences, such as the button layout, the difficulty level, and the sound volume. You can also play with your friends via Bluetooth multiplayer mode, which adds more fun and challenge to the game.