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Where to Find and Download Patricia Briggs Dead Heat Epub 11 for Free or Cheap

Patricia Briggs Dead Heat Epub 11: A Review

If you are a fan of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or shapeshifters, you might have heard of Patricia Briggs, one of the most popular and prolific authors in this genre. She has written dozens of books and several series, but one of her most acclaimed ones is Alpha and Omega, a spin-off of her Mercy Thompson series. The fourth book in this series is called Dead Heat, and it was published in 2015. In this article, we will review this book and tell you why you should read it. We will also give you some information about the author, the series, and how to read it online.

patricia briggs dead heat epub 11

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Dead Heat follows the adventures of Charles Cornick, the son of the leader of the North American werewolves, and his mate Anna Latham, an Omega wolf who can calm others with her presence. They are sent to Arizona to deal with a rogue Fae who is targeting children with his dark magic. There, they meet an old friend of Charles, Joseph Sani, a Navajo horse breeder who is also a werewolf. Joseph is dying of old age, and he wants Charles to inherit his prized horses. However, things get complicated when Joseph's family becomes involved in the Fae's plot, and Charles and Anna have to protect them while also dealing with their own issues. Charles wants to have a child with Anna, but he fears that he might pass on his violent nature to his offspring. Anna wants to make Charles happy, but she also struggles with her past trauma as a victim of abuse. Together, they have to overcome their fears and doubts while facing a powerful enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy them.


Dead Heat is a thrilling and emotional ride that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Patricia Briggs has a knack for creating engaging and realistic characters that you can relate to and root for. Charles and Anna are a perfect example of this. They are not flawless or perfect, but they are loyal, brave, and loving. They have a strong bond that is based on respect, trust, and communication. They also have a lot of chemistry and passion that makes their relationship believable and exciting. They complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, and they support each other through thick and thin.

Another aspect that makes this book stand out is the world-building and the mythology. Patricia Briggs has created a rich and complex universe where werewolves, vampires, Fae, witches, and other supernatural beings coexist with humans. She has done a lot of research and incorporated elements from various cultures, legends, and folklore into her stories. She has also added her own twists and originality to make her world unique and captivating. In Dead Heat, she explores the Fae's culture and history, as well as their motives and goals. She also delves into the Native American traditions and b