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Apk Amp;q Group

What is APK&Q Group and What Does It Do?

APK&Q Group is a leading company in the field of smart and sustainable infrastructure for underground and above-ground construction. It connects people, businesses and governments by installing and maintaining infrastructure that makes cities future-proof, safe and accessible. It operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, employing over 1700 people with a wide range of expertise.

The Corporate Structure of APK&Q Group

APK&Q Group has a thoughtful and flexible corporate structure that allows it to adapt to the changing needs and demands of its customers and markets. It consists of various Business Units and different companies that work together under the umbrella of APK&Q Group.

apk amp;q group

The Business Units of APK&Q Group

The Business Units of APK&Q Group are the main pillars of its activities. They are organized according to the different domains of expertise that APK&Q Group offers, such as:

  • Energy & Telecom

  • Water & Gas

  • Roads & Sewers

  • Building & Renovation

  • Environment & Recycling