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John Sanders
John Sanders

Samantha Bee Goo Girls 38 Rodney !LINK!

Anniversary Gift- Rain, Britni, Lacie and Rodney: For a 1-week anniversary presents ( since the first time they had sex), Rain gets Rodney a couple of strippers, Lacie and Britni. But they don more than strip, they jump his bones and a 3 girls do him royally. Extra Dye- Vantasia/Rodney: Vantasia adds some hair dye into her hair to lighten the color. The instructions say wait 20 minutes before rinsing. Hmmmm, how can she kill 20 minutes??? Hungry Lee- Lee/Wolf: Lee shows off her drooling skills on wolf. Hot package- Claudia/Rodney: Claudia is the new parcel girl. She's somewhat naive, so of course I have to show her how the old parcel girl used to earn big tips, by not only packing boxes into her truck but by packing my dick into her box!

Samantha Bee Goo Girls 38 Rodney


Gorgeous girls get bad and get gooed! Rodney can't get online in his hotel room. The front desk sends someone to get him hooked up to his or her wireless high-speed Internet access. But she notices all his lights set up, and a few dirty movies lying around. Suspecting that he's shooting porno, she threatens to tell the manager and have him kicked out. But Rodney bribes her with some hot lingerie he claims is very expensive. He even gets her to try it on. Then he gets her to pose for some photos, but only by saying she can give copies to her fiance, who she's very faithful too. That's it, until Rodney whips it out and gets her to suck and fuck it.

Why are these sexy girls smiling so much? Could it be because they just love to please? Or is it the big wet gooey reward they receive from the King of Cream, or his friends for that matter, for a blowjob well done?

Rodney is back with gorgeous girls craving for a hot load of jizz. Watch as these nasty hotties suck hard cock, get fucked, and take it in the ass until they receive the reward they have been waiting for: hot goo to the face!

Gorgeous girls get bad and goo'ed! They are hot and horny and craving some sticky cum to plaster their faces! You won't believe how much better these cum cravers look with a wad on their face! It covers the shame after getting their dirty holes stuffed and rammed by hard fleshy rods. Yum, these whores don't miss a drop.

Basically these young hot sluts love cum. Period. So much that they suck and fuck hard cocks to get semen shot all over their faces and tits. Starring Angelina Stoli, looking oh so hot sucking two cocks getting two warm orders of sperm, medium rare. Enjoy these goo girls because they love your goo.

"Big Beautiful Butt"Samantha comes to Rodney's Photo Studio to get some pictures taken of her big, beautiful butt. It's a marvelous thing the behold and as soon as Rodney catches a glimpse of it, he wants to get a hold of it himself. Erotic butt shots soon become hardcore as Samantha drops to her knees to give him head. Once hard and wet, he gets on his back as she lowers that great big ass down, slipping her pussy over his rod. He bangs her on the couch, then under the Joy Rider until finally unleashing a Rodney Blast on her pretty face. "The Right Approach"Barry and Mark spot Violet sitting by herself, texting. When Barry tries to hit on her, he gets shut down fast. He bets Mark Five Dollars that he can't do any better. Mark goes over, slaps the money on the table and asks her to suck his cock. To Barry's surprise, she gets down on her knees and starts sucking. Mark invites Barry to join them and soon, Violet is sucking and fucking both guys until they coat her pretty face with their spunk. I guess it's all in the right approach. "Secretary's Day"Grace walks in on her boss Rodney, who is busy stuffing his cock down Charlotte's throat. Rather than be offended, she sits down on the couch and watches them go at it. She finds the whole thing very hot and soon joins them. It seems she's been wanting to get in his pants for a while now, and today is her lucky day. The girls suck his cock, then Grace gets on the desk and takes Rodney deep inside. He bangs her the way she's always wanted it, then he comes on both of their pretty faces. "Who Do I Have to Blow?" Stephanie has been trying to sell