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How to Get Bar and Bench Mod APK on Your Android Device

Bar and Bench Mod APK: A Legal News App for Android Users

If you are interested in legal news and updates from India, you might have heard of Bar and Bench, a popular online portal that covers news, interviews, and columns related to the Supreme Court of India, the High Courts, law firms, law schools, and Parliament. But did you know that you can also access Bar and Bench on your Android device with a mod APK? In this article, we will explain what Bar and Bench is, what a mod APK is, and how to download and install Bar and Bench mod APK on your Android device.

What is Bar and Bench?

Bar and Bench is the premier online portal for Indian legal news. It was founded in 2009 by Pallavi Saluja, a former lawyer who wanted to create a platform for legal journalism in India. Bar and Bench provides accurate, timely, and comprehensive reporting on various aspects of the Indian legal system, such as judgments, orders, notices, circulars, appointments, transfers, interviews, opinions, analysis, and more. Bar and Bench also has a mobile app for Android users, which allows them to access the latest legal news on their smartphones or tablets. The app has several features that make it convenient and user-friendly for legal enthusiasts.

bar and bench mod apk


Features of Bar and Bench

  • The app has a simple and elegant design that makes it easy to navigate and read.

  • The app allows users to customize their preferences and notifications according to their interests and needs.

  • The app provides live updates on important cases and events from the Supreme Court and the High Courts.